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With our years of experience and reliable services, Titan Solar has grown to become one of the leading providers for solar systems in California. California is a wonderful destination for producing solar electricity. An abundant supply of sunshine year round makes the state highly efficient and perfect for producing solar power.

Get Amazing Benefits and Save Thousands of Dollars by Going Solar in California

You not only save thousands of dollars on your electricity bill by going solar, but you also enjoy several benefits offered by California state government for opting to the cleaner power. You get a whopping 30% Federal Tax Rebate on the total cost of a new solar installation. Additional rebates and tax credit make sure that half of the total cost for installation of solar panels is paid with federal and state money. All the state benefits added with affordable solar-panel installation from Titan Solar make it possible to go solar in California with zero money down.

Call Titan Solar to Know More about Solar Panel Installation on Your House’s Roof

Living in sunny California has added advantage because you can have ample sunshine for longer duration and it can be converted into usable energy for your home. All you need is a good roof that receives decent sunlight. To know about the suitability of your home in going solar, call Titan Solar and our expert technicians will help you by giving every possible detail. They will analyze your home and give you an estimate cost for installing solar system on your roof.

Increase the Value of Your Property in California, But Not the Property Tax!

Titan Solar’s solar systems can help in increasing the value of your home. According to Appraisal Institute in Chicago, for every $1,000 of reduction in energy bill, the value of your home equity increases by $20,000. What’s even better is the fact that property tax remains the same. So, what are you waiting for? Call Titan Solar to know more about solar panel installations in your home!

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